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CREATE, DELIVER and DISCOVER proximity messages, to stay in touch with your #interests in real life - always and anywhere!

Draw & Deliver
the area where the messages should be delivered - and they will be
Just tap, draw and engage - it’s that simple
Join the Physical Web

Create proximity content

In the Proxity App you can quickly and easily create proximity messages that allow you to link any type of digital content to be displayed on the Proxity network in the real world.

easy message creation
add tags to your message
set delivery settings

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Easy as 1, 2, 3: Select an image, add the text of your message, and set the delivery settings - your message is now part of the Physical Web!

We brought the #HASHTAG in real life!

Select your favorite #INTERESTS to stay in touch with them – always and anywhere!


Proxity will do all the work for you, by filtering the content and delivering to you only the relevant one


You can also block content you don’t want to receive by simply tapping & holding on the #Tag.

Walk up and interact with anything

A versatile and user-friendly Physical Web Browser, which allows you to interact within the surrounding environment, whether you move indoor or outdoor, leading to a major improvement in the way you communicate, get information and do business, and above all on your user experience.


Everyday and safe technology

All this is possible thanks to BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy) and the Proxity solution that allows you to receive the information, when you enter within the range of a location in our network.

#1 IOT technology
BLE functionality ensures a minimal usage of battery for your device and is also a touchless solution to stay safe!
Built to respect privacy
Proxity does not collect or store any private data, and is the best way to interact with people at locations in an anonymous and safe way.

We are the physical web browser

Proxity is a big part of the digitization process as it connects the digital world with the physical world, by giving digital content a location in the real world.